Cómo mantener una actitud positiva durante el tratamiento de la cardiopatía

Cómo mantener una actitud positiva en el tratamiento

Sonría. Ría. Sienta alegría. Las mujeres que se someten a un tratamiento de cardiopatía necesitan cada gota de energía para lograr hacer estas tres cosas. Sus mentes se concentran en la próxima cita con el médico y en el siguiente medicamento que deben tomar.

Pero hay buenas noticias. Como explica la Dra. Lynn M. Williams, psicóloga clínica de salud de Vero Beach, Florida, hay formas de aprender a mantener una actitud positiva, incluso durante las fases más oscuras de la vida.

Meditación y sanación

I know what you are thinking: you’ve tried meditation in the past and it hasn’t worked for you. Or maybe your mind has gotten in the way, you’ve been interrupted and you ended up feeling more stressed than when you started.

If this describes you, fear not. There are ways meditation can still help. Williams recommends starting small by just sitting quietly (you don’t have to be in a lotus position or with your hands at heart center—try it in the doctor’s office while you’re waiting) and taking 15 cycles of deep inhalations and deep exhalations. The deeper you exhale, the deeper you will be able to inhale, she explains.

After 15 cycles, start breathing normally and then hyper-concentrate on your breath. And don’t get down when to-do lists enter your mind.

“When thoughts come up, just picture them as clouds going by and disconnect with them,” suggests Williams. “Focus on your breath. It is amazing how quickly you will become calm.”

Únase con la naturaleza

While you may not have time to spend an hour at the park every day, Williams says even the busiest women can get out and enjoy some fresh air. Try taking a 10 minute break to walk down the street or park away far away from the grocery store for some extra time outside.
“It can add up to 45 minutes a day,” she says. “While you are outside, focus on the sounds and smells. It will help you feel aware and self-nurtured.”

Pase tiempo con amigos

Feelings of isolation can quickly lead to depression, so try scheduling a standing date with your closest friends. Williams recommends meeting up at someone’s home to make large batches of dinner to bring home for later consumption.

“Tell your family that they will be on their own for two nights per week, that you will be at a friend’s house,” she recommends. “Don’t feel guilty. Spending time with friends can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and can make you more engaged and happy when you are at home.”

Técnicas de visualización

Las técnicas de visualización son increíblemente poderosas; los deportistas de élite las utilizan para imaginar que cruzan la línea de meta antes de que comience una carrera. Las mujeres que se someten a un tratamiento pueden hacer lo mismo con técnicas de curación con visualización. Estas técnicas pueden ser un refuerzo positivo para mantenerse optimista.

“Respire profundamente unas cuantas veces y visualice su corazón fortaleciéndose, su corazón sanando y sus arterias abriéndose”, aconseja. “Sepa que desempeña un papel en su salud, esto es un viaje y no está atrapada aquí. Seguirá adelante”.