Investigaciones y publicaciones de Heart-Check

Food-intake patterns assessed by using front-of-pack labeling program criteria associated with better diet quality and lower cardiometabolic risk. (PDF)(el vínculo se abre en una ventana nueva)
De: Lichtenstein, Alice; Carson, JoAnn S; Johnson, Rachel K; Kris-Etherton, Penny M; et al. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 99 no. 3, pp 454-462. Fecha de publicación: marzo del 2014.

Enhanced and Updated American Heart Association Heart-Check Front-of-Package Symbol: Efforts to Help Consumers Identify Healthier Food Choices.(el vínculo se abre en una ventana nueva)
De: Johnson, Rachel K; Lichtenstein, Alice H; Kris-Etherton, Penny M; Carson, JoAnn S; et al. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vol. 115, no. 6, pp 876-884. Fecha de publicación: junio del 2015.

Recommended Dietary Pattern to Achieve Adherence to the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Guidelines
De: Linda Van Horn, Jo Ann S. Carson, Lawrence J. Appel, Lora E. Burke, Christina Economos, Wahida Karmally, Kristie Lancaster, Alice H. Lichtenstein, Rachel K. Johnson, Randal J. Thomas, Miriam Vos, Judith Wylie-Rosett y Penny Kris-Etherton. Circulation, vol. 134 no. 22, pp. 505-529. Fecha de publicación: Octubre del 2016.